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The Company - Kältetechnik aircool GmbH

Refrigeration and air conditioning
expertise since 1986

Kältetechnik aircool GmbH, with headquarters in the fair city of Munich has evolved since its foundation in 1986 under the leadership of Bruno Trost to a powerful full-service company in all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning for large scale users.

Our core business is the care and sales of Daikin Applied / McQuay chillers, as well as the provision and sale of spare parts for all makes. In addition, we cover the entire production and distribution range of refrigeration and air conditioning facilities. Our range includes standard air conditioners as well as climate cabinets and computer-cooling, cold water and condenser units, heat recovery units, as well as heat pumps for building air conditioning and process cooling, equipped with either scroll, reciprocating, or screw turbo compressors.

The development and manufacture of refrigeration machines and special equipment gives us the means to meet the most extreme demands of individual system solutions.

We currently have 28 employees, of which 17 are in the service team, solely responsible for installation, maintenance and repair of machines sold by us. Above average readiness, a 24-hour emergency service as well as ongoing training of our professionals, distinguish our customer-oriented and efficient team.

In all things Daikin Applied / McQuay, we are the primary address!

Kältetechnik aircool GmbH sees itself as an independent distributor for consulting, sales and maintenance of Daikin Applied / McQuay International equipment, a leading global provider of innovative and powerful air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Aircool founder Bruno Trost: "We know the Daikin Applied / McQuay products as well as if we had designed them ourselves."

We identify your exact needs and design the best solution for your application. So that everything at the commissioning goes like clockwork, aircool sets the controls and regulation exactly to your needs and desires, and at your request integrates them into an existing building management system. In addition, we of course also undertake the construction of special facilities, supply, install and maintain refrigeration systems.