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aircool Service

On Which You can Depend!

The well trained technicians on the aircool team are available for you at all hours. We want to solve the problems before they develop. Through a systematic maintenance und servicing by experts. In case of a failure, long periods of outage are avoided by our readily available supply of spares.

Facility management companies are increasingly putting the responsibility for their refrigeration and air conditioning facilities in the hands of the Kältetechnik aircool GmbH. Our service technicians provide a sovereign, reliable impression and explain technical issues clearly and understandably.

The all-round carefree package for optimal service security

We solve problems before they develop
Maintenance and periodic service protect your plants from failure [more]

Always ready for you and quickly on the spot
Most of the spare and wear parts are readily available [more]

Innovation for a high level of energy efficiency
Energy-saving equipment and continuously improved operational reliability serve you well [more]

aircool Service24:
We are always available
Call us - we are available around the clock at your service and we are quickly on-site [more]

The most important element of our service is the maintenance. We do not want to be "just" quickly on the spot. Our goal is prevention and avoidance of disorders. As a prerequisite to achieve this, we perform conscientious and prudent maintenance.

If however, an unexpected disruption occurs, it is important that information about the disorder, as well as a description the remedial activities be recorded in the machine history. Our service technicians can refer to the available information and thereby significantly shorten the necessary repair times.

Not infrequently facilities are in unattended operation, without any periodic review, and run for years outside of their allowable operating conditions. This can drastically shorten the lifespan and can make the machines worthless. Our experience shows that the cost of repairing the damage is often a multiple of what the maintenance costs would have been.

Gladly we can provide you with a personalized maintenance plan.
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