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All systems GO!

Room warm – air conditioning on, room cold – air conditioning off!
That was once upon a time.
Because energy efficiency and green thinking have dramatically become important criteria, "intelligent" control technology has long since replaced the antiquated on / off principle.

The development of IT (information Technology) overhauled these simple modes of operation at the speed of light and all machine manufacturers are determined not to drop the ball. Aspects such as energy efficiency, environmental awareness, easy maintenance, flexibility and interoperability belong to the main requirements of our customers. Our Daikin Applied / McQuay® liquid chillers make use of the microprocessor-based controllers of the MicroTec III™ series, for a highly efficient operation of your plant. They were developed and programmed exclusively for this usage.

The Daikin Applied / McQuay® chillers are series-manufactured and factory approved units with a multiplicity of parameterisable functions for integration in a building or process instrumentation. It is for this reason that communication protocols Modbus®, Bacnet® and LON have been provided for in most units of this series.

We offer everything from one source:
From the simple control of an autonomous air conditioner, to the intelligent monitoring and control of multiple refrigerating machines or complete refrigeration and air conditioning centers.

Software Development
We respond to the requirements and desires of our customers quickly and flexibly using 'aircool software' developed by us.

The smooth integration of our products into building services engineering technology is part of our business. We are able to communicate with all central building control systems through a variety of interfaces such as Profibus LON Works, BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, EIB, S-Bus etc.

Remote maintenance and remote diagnostics
To ensure the constant availability of your machines, we offer a variety of remote control and monitoring possibilities, via modem, ISDN, GSM, Internet, intranet, GPRS or EDGE routers, as well as alarm messages sent directly via email or SMS.

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