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Product Overview

Our Machines – Endless Power:
Whether in building or computer air-conditioning, process cooling or in heat recovery and heat pumps - aircool has the right product, for every application. The proven Daikin Applied / McQuay turbo compressors with a cooling capacity range from 780 to 9,485 kW per machine unit cover every possible specific requirement profile perfectly.
When the operating location places high demands for low noise emission, aircool refrigeration machines are the best choice due to their low noise levels.

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Tailor-made Solutions
Technical demands are made again and again of our products, which cannot be fulfilled by off the shelf products. Therefore, we also offer customized solutions which leave no customer expectations unmet.
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aircool Technology for Every Requirement

Our range includes standard air conditioners as well as climate cabinets and computer-cooling, liquid chillers and condenser units, as well as heat pumps for building air conditioning and process cooling which use either scroll, reciprocating, screw or centrifugal compressors which, as well, are equipped with innovative oil free Daikin Applied / McQuay magnetic bearings.

The aircool Products in an Overview:



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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Technology

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Low Temperature Applications

Compressors and Spares

Heat Pumps

Heat Recovery

Maintenance and service are fully in the hands of aircool technicians.